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S.L.A.Y founder Lauren Jackson was raised on Chicago’s South Side. For Lauren, mental health and therapy was something that was not outwardly discussed in her community. Trauma and internal issues are typically met with “What happens in the house stays in the house.”

Growing up as a black girl from Chicago, Lauren was consistently met with adversity, including the biggest challenge of becoming a single mom.

As she embarked upon this new journey of motherhood in 2012 with the birth of her daughter, she vowed to provide her daughter with a greater peace. That promise led Lauren to apply for her Master’s Degree at National Louis University in 2015.

While in the final year of her Master’s Program, Lauren’s mother was faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer and Lauren experienced the loss of many family members and friends. Pushing through these challenges, Lauren went on to complete her Master’s Degree, becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in June 2018.

It was in 2018 that God challenged Lauren to Stop, Love, and Affirm herself. After realizing that women are not taught to practice self care, Lauren created S.L.A.Y to encourage women, teens and young girls to take a pause in life to love yourself, care for yourself, and pour in your cup consistently so that you can be the best version of you- the S.L.A.Y version of you. This S.L.A.Y version of you will achieve purpose and see the value in all that she does!

Mission statement

Our mission is to assist women, teens, and young girls to thrive in everyday life through comprehensive affirmation, empowerment, and psycho-education on mental health.


Through our existential and spiritual counseling approach, S.L.A.Y aspires to be a leader in addressing mental health needs of women, teens, and young girls through the lenses of the indispensable cultural, social, and spiritual need for self-love and care.

We aim to be a guiding light to women, teens, and young girls meeting them where they are and empowering them to a greater understanding of their self-worth and individual purpose.

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