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Lip Gloss Squad

Lip Gloss Squad

We have a network of Mental Health Providers with licenses ranging from Licensed Professional Counselor to Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This group of women lead structured discussions on topics of trauma, stress management, purpose, anxiety, social media, and so much more to promote mental health. This program has been structured to address mental health needs of young girls and teens through the lenses of indispensable cultural, social, and spiritual need for self-love and care.

Program Details

Due to COVID-19 the Lip Gloss Squad has restructured from a classroom setting to Zoom Conference. One teacher or staff member is required to be present at all group sessions

Upon  starting this program with your school each young lady will receive a welcome packet that includes a branded lip gloss and access to virtual backgrounds for Zoom Group Sessions. In addition to the Monthly Meet Up students will be able to schedule up to (4) 20 minute consultation sessions with our health professionals when faced with urgent mental health issues.

Currently providers are available Tuesdays and Fridays during and after school hours. Program cost for a full year is $3500. CPS schools may contact for special pricing.